HR Policies And Procedures

Policies serve as general guidelines and standards an organization intends to adopt in managing its people. It serves a variety of critical purposes for the ….

Personal Development Plans

Successful companies spend time and effort on personal development which ultimately creates a more productive, diligent and loyal workforce. In HR, certain goal-oriented personal development ….

Friendships At Work

We spend so much time at work, and sometimes in almost constant interaction, that it is inevitable that people will form friendships at work. This ….

Welcome –> A personal ‘HELLO’


My name is Nicole and aside from writing about Business and People Ops, I still do the work too.

I came up with the idea of HRG when I was in my twenties, travelling the world as International HR Manager, and later a Director. I found that there was nowhere to go – to get global HR advice. So, I started blogging about Business and HR in 2012, sharing parts of my story.

I am a qualified Global People Advisor and I like to think that gives me insights into what really works around the world 😉