Working With Brands

Nicole is always happy to accept sponsored content  (as long as it is not sales-y) from relevant individuals and businesses.

Ads Keep The Light On…

Get in touch and we will send you the ad rates, information and what slots are available on both the blog and in the newsletter.

Like To Work With Us…

Send a brief summary of your sponsored content – product or idea. And surf around to check if it is suitable for HRG's blog!

If It Is A Press Release…

Do not send them! Nicole does not publish these!

Take the Next Step

Send us as much information via our contact form (below) to discuss how we can work together towards a mutually beneficial and profitable partnership.

Nicole will work together on how best to get your message across in the most reader-friendly way.


We work hard to make sure that sponsored content is relevant, interesting and appropriate.

It is a way of meeting the costs of running this site and will never be an overt sales pitch!

we do NOT accept guestposts on HRG’s blog.