Before we get into the ideal job-seeking approach, let’s look into some facts and figures of the usual application/CV submission process. Do you know only approximately 3% of the people who apply for jobs talk to the human being? It’s the technology in between which is handling all your applications, the software algorithms filtering and screening out all those applications; trying to find the best fit for the jobs.

All this is done through an application tracking system where companies have set few parameters and anyone who doesn’t fit into those parameters is automatically filtered out from the system and thus never even made to the second phase.

It’s only a small percentage of applicants that make it to their employers, the first stage where their application gets looked by a human being and then the recruiters contact the potential candidates through email or contact number.

“Now let’s get down to the step by step approach”

Step 1 – Avoid Lazy Approach:

The first step towards an ideal job-seeking approach is to make sure that you have not opted for the lazy approach:

The lazy approach is the type of mindset where you visit a job site and apply for any or every job which is available to you irrespective of your qualification, skills, attributes and most importantly you are not even sure if you can fulfill those job requirements.

We call it “the spray and pray method”.

This type of job search is very absurd and exhausting since it doesn’t involve any job-seeking strategies. You are just applying for every job that comes your way and counting the number of jobs you have applied and waiting for employers to contact you.

This needs to change because after putting so much time and effort into searching for applying and not getting results can be very stressful and demotivating.

Step 2 – Refrain From Negative Attitude:

This is just another type of approach where you have this type of mindset that job searching is hard, you cannot stand rejection and also that you don’t understand this whole system of the recruitment process.

See we all know that the initial phase of any business or job search is always challenging.

There are hurdles, mistakes, a lot of unwanted issues on your way but what makes a person keeps going is their positive attitude and continuous effort. If you are out there with a lot of negative thoughts about the path you are going to take then you are spreading out the same negative energy with the people you are engaging with.

At times you want your family or friends to find referrals for you, do you think they would be willing to help you with this sort of negative aura?

You have to display a genuinely positive attitude towards your career and job search.

Decide first what truly makes you happy and after choosing the right career for yourself, develop that positive attitude in you. And authentically embrace the journey, the overall process. But if for some reason you have some kind of frustration or anger inside of you (which is completely normal).

Don’t be discouraged if you are going through any stress or emotional trauma; just consult with someone who can help before you enter into any professional career.

Step 3 – Apply For Jobs:

Now comes the final step where you practically start dropping your CV/Resume to your desired jobs or workplaces. Sometimes you might not have all those skills or expertise needed to get your desired job but have that type of self-motivating attitude that you will figure this out.

Gather information, talk to friends and family who have the experience, get some resources and learn the skills that are most essential in your applied field. Remember there’s a lot you can do if you have the right positive attitude for it.

As there is a famous saying:

Train your mind to see the positive in every situation

So, from now on if you are a positive job seeker or you already were, just remind yourself that you are on your way to success. You are learning about the professional world everyday, learning from your mistakes, learning new things, you are growing and getting better with time.

Moreover, you will attract better opportunities; people would want to connect with you because of the positive energy and mindset you are sharing.

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