With the competition on the rise in the business world to attract top-notch talent in their business operations, the constant need to hire more employees and most important to retain and engage the existing employees of the company. What best can a company do? The answer: help team members plan their careers.

By offering the team members or employees with an option to plan their career, a business can motivate the members to stay in the organization for a longer period and invest in the growth of the company.

In this scenario, human resource management of the organization plays an important role in making sure to implement a program in the organization that supports the career planning of the team members.

A career in common words can be defined as the sequence of the team members’ work experience in the company for some time. This means, the different positions, duties, and responsibilities handled by the employee in the company if a person spends a good amount of time of his career in the company.

The company which focuses on completeness and long-term career planning for its employees increases the chances of retention of employees for a longer duration of time.

Career development is a process that focuses on the development of employees in a way that benefits both, the organization and the employees themselves.

To make sure this is achieved, the organization should plan a vibrant process of career development that takes into account the career expectations of the new generation and goals and plans of the organization for the future. Backing the career expectations of the employees can have a positive impression on them, to which they will react positively and contribute towards the organization in a better way for a long period.

Career planning cannot be considered as a one-time process, it is an ongoing process that needs constant moderations to keep it aligned with the latest trends of the market and demands of the employees.

The steps of the career development process include preparing, developing, implementing, constant monitoring, feedback, and improvements and the process goes on again and again.

The continuity of the career development program ensures that the flow of employees in the organization through various positions is maintained in a way that provides a sense of satisfaction to the employees and also helps the organization in achieving its goals.

So how helping the team members in career planning beneficial?

The career planning or career development planning of the team members project the organization’s attitude towards employee growth and development. It shows how the organization is dedicated to providing opportunities for growth to the employees. Further, this also helps in three major ways: Improve the team member’s engagement, increase in team member retention and saving time and money.

Improve the team member’s engagement: It ensures that the team members put in their best towards their job in the organization by motivating them. This happens when the team members feel important and feel invested which directly related to more productivity from the employees.

Increase in team member retention: If the team members are provided with what is attracting them to shift to other organizations in the existing organization, the chances of retention of the team members increase drastically.

Saving time and money: Recruitment and selection process id costly and time-consuming, if a team member leaves the organization it directly relates to expenses in terms of recruitment and selection also the training.

Helping team members to plan their career is not about helping an employee fill in an open role. Rather the whole process should focus on team member’s growth and learning rather than solely organizational needs.

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