There can be an unacceptable attitude from some employees which make the peer employees and the clients feel uncomfortable to bear up. It is considered bad behaviour at work. Management should minimize bad behaviour at work to get the maximum performance from the employees and provide the best service for the clients. Otherwise, it may cost the company the reputation, customer satisfaction and productivity.

To identify and modify the behaviour of the employees, there should be managing skills within the management. It has to be done without losing the employee or the customer. Therefore, managing poor behaviour at work is crucial for any workplace to function better.

Reasons for poor behaviour at work

There can be several reasons behind bad behaviour. These are both personal and workplace situations.

Poor performance

When some employees are unable to produce what they are asked to do. With the failure, they tend to put the blame on others and become irritating to those who are around.

Poor people skills

Some employees are not good at working with others. They are lack of co-operation and not ready to be lenient with others’  opinions. This can consider as bad behaviour as they are making a bad impression of themselves in others’ minds.

No responsibility

There are people in the workplace trying to hide their mistakes by making them look like someone else is responsible for. Most senior-level employees do this relying on those who are under their supervision.

Refuse to change

This is the major problem behind bad behaviour at work. Employees should try to adjust their role upon the feedback provided by the clients and the people who are in the workplace. If someone is not ready to be flexible and change the way they work, it will be a problem in his/her attitude towards others.

Types of bad behaviour at work

Several types of bad behaviour have identified within the workplaces.

Criticising others

It is unpleasant to insult people during their absence. With the criticism, there can be a bad impression of the particular person in other co-workers’ mind. This attitude is not decent which damages an employee’s image. It is human nature to make mistakes, what is important is to understand them and move on. Criticism is bad behaviour at the workplace which can ruin the career of another employee.

Spreading rumours

Another behavioural problem is spreading false news about a person in the workplace. Rumours are like wild-fire which can spread rapidly. This also can ruin the image of the person and make a bad impact on their career. The worst part is if that rumour is strong enough to make a negative effect on the reputation of the company, it will be a disadvantage for all the parties who are interfering with the workplace.

Questioning the authority

All the employees in the workplace are bound by the rules and regulations of the office. These rules are established for the better function of the business. If someone is not respecting the standards of the workplace, it may become a habitual problem which disrupts the performance of the whole workplace. If the person is a senior employee, other co-workers will follow and even lose the job or lose the career advancement opportunities.

Discourage others

Bad behaviour in the workplace can be a setback for the employees in the working environment. By looking at the negative attitude of a person, others may feel the same way about the company. There are some employees discourage and drag down the people who are trying their best for the betterment of the workplace.

Bad communication

Communication is a key factor for a business to be successful. Both internal and external communication should be respective and soothing. With harsh language, clients refuse to make deals with the company. It will be beneficial for business rivals. Some employees use language in communication, which cannot tolerate in the workplace. This is also considered as bad behaviour at work.

How to manage bad behaviour at work

It is important to manage bad behaviour at work with better management to avoid the disadvantage which can occur with such behaviour. Managers can take necessary actions to reduce bad behaviour and modify the attitude of the employees.

Be a role model

Management can provide better examples for the employees to learn from. They can interact with co-workers and become an exemplary character among them. There they can make the employees aware of the people skills which should master to rank up in the career. This will motivate others to identify the mistakes and modify their behaviour.


Problems of the employees can be the root of bad behaviour at work. Employees choose to behave badly to get attention when they feel they are neglected. It is important to maintain good communication between the employee and the manager. With interaction and listening, management can identify the problems of the employees and provide alternatives for them. This will minimize bad behaviour at work.

Better communication

Transparent communication is another important fact. There should be a way for employees and management to interact with each other. Managers can get suggestions from their co-workers about the changes which should be done in the workplace. With healthy communication, behavioural problems will be minimum.


Training and educating is another way of managing bad behaviour at work. The necessary guide should be provided to the employees through training programs, field visits and motivational practices. Selecting the employee of the day is one such practice followed by lots of companies worldwide.

Provide feedback

Providing honest feedback works as a successful way of modifying behaviour. This feedback can be given in public or in-person depending on the sensitivity. This paves the way for employees to adjust their way of behaviour according to the accepted manner.

In a positive environment, the workplace can expect the best performance from the employees. If the workplace is pleasant and a place where everybody is happy, employees will give their maximum participation in the manufacturing process. With better customer satisfaction, the company will be able to stay ahead of the competition.


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