Successful companies spend time and effort on personal development which ultimately creates a more productive, diligent and loyal workforce.

In HR, certain goal-oriented personal development plans come under the performance management system. The objective of this system is to specify the direction of action to be taken to enhance and improve employee performance.

As it assists an employee to answer one of the most essential questions in the workplace –> like how can an employee continually learn and grow in the coming years. How can he/she perform better in the future? And how to avoid performance obstacles faced in the past?

Imagine working in an organization with ‘confusion’ about how to exactly perform specific tasks written in the job description and/or having difficulty in executing them because you don’t have the required skills, which are needed to execute the tasks.

Well, this is why companies design development plans and that can be created for every job, ranging from entry-level clerical jobs to an executive suite. No matter how high up the position and how complex or simple the nature of the job is in hand, there is always room for improvement.

Now the question raised here is: How is a company to acquire the information needed to design a development plan?

Simply, all the required information comes from the appraisal form used in calculating employee performance over a while, and then a plan is designed based on each of the performance criteria evaluated by the company.

For example, if the performance dimension is “communication skills” and the result attained is rated as substandard, then this specific area would be included in the development plan.

Generally, these plans emphasize the skills, attributes and knowledge needed for long-term career aspirations and growth. It also helps in identifying employee’s strengths and existing stronger attributes. Helping employees in overcoming their weaknesses and enhancing their skills ultimately creates a more productive, and successful workforce.

The best part of the developmental plan objective is to encourage continuous learning, personal growth and performance improvement.

Talking of the more specific objective, it includes:

  • Improve employee performance in the current job.
  • Sustain performance in current tasks.
  • Prepare employees for future advancement.
  • Enrich employees’ overall work experience.

Development plans are used by successful companies around the globe. It’s a formal component of the performance management system, this documented plan is included in the appraisal. It also clearly lists the objectives of the performance management system.

A few examples used by the companies are:

  • Provide employees with effective feedback to maintain or improve job performance.
  • Highlight areas for employee development.
  • Set and define standards for the next review period.
  • Recognize job-related accomplishments.
  • Enhance communication and working relationships

Working in an organization with a well-designed development plan that focuses on creating a brilliant, wholesome and productive staff that leads towards tremendous success for the company.


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