As we celebrate International Women’s day, more discussions are going on about empowering women, gender equality and propelling women into leadership roles. Women can provide considerable participation in the business world and the community. It is important to consider women’s role in making decisions and within the administration process. Research reveal below 25% of the senior-level positions have included women. There are still more opportunities available for men than women to participate in leadership roles. Executive-level positions occupied by men which leads women to have fewer opportunities as leaders.

Even in the interviews and promotions in the workplace, men are favourable for getting the opportunity than women. This discourages women to apply for the executive level positions where they have doubts over their qualifications which have been exceeded by the gender difference. Women have been struggling to get similar opportunities and establish gender equality in society.

Some women leaders were able to overcome the difficulties and become leaders in history. Some of them were queens, presidents, prime ministers and community leaders. As examples, Queen Elizabeth in England, Sirimavo Bandaranaike – Former prime minister of Sri Lanka, Indira Gandhi – Former prime minister of India can be considered. They could rise among society and become leaders not only for women but also for men. Such characters were a huge inspiration for women all over the world. Women still follow their footsteps to establish gender equality in modern society.

There are promised positive results have obtained when a woman is in charge or having the management and executive position. Women are ahead on decision making in some situations. A society or a business can get women’s support to function well by propelling women into leadership roles.

At present, men are likely to receive more opportunities, promotions, bonuses than women in the workplace. This discourages women to try hard and do their best for the betterment of the business or company. It is important to get the maximum participation of the women as well as men to become successful and more reliable in the business world.

The following factors can be helpful fo having more women in leadership roles.

More opportunities, more abilities

Annual reviews and evaluation are used to identify the potential of the employees in the workplace.

This method is now outdated and people seek for regular opportunities to climb up the rank in their profession. Instead of using traditional annual reviews which come once a year, regular opportunities can be provided to the people in the workplace. When considering the qualifications and performance, gender should not be considered.

A woman who works hard to rank up in their career can be frustrated if a man who has fewer qualifications given the chance for a promotion and move past her. To prevent the frustration make the workplace more pleasant for everyone, gender equality is very important.

With more opportunities, bonuses and facilities can be provided to encourage women into leadership roles. Employees should be given frequent opportunities to interact with the management to build trust, confidence and respect towards the workplace and themselves.

Leadership programs

Leadership knowledge and skills are critical to becoming a successful leader. The workplace is the best place to learn such skills and master them. These experience will help the employees to become talented leaders in future. When propelling women into leadership roles, they can be given different minor leadership roles to sharpen their leadership skills.

Positions like a group leader, a crew leader, a mentor can be given to gain the necessary experience which is needed by a leader. These positions should appoint for women also. Other employees also may prefer a hand with rings to guide them rather than all the leaders are being men. Providing these opportunities will be beneficial for the workplace in the long run.

Apart from the workplace opportunities, employees can be given the opportunities to participate in leadership training programs which help them obtaining leadership qualities no matter men or women.

Everyone is important

When someone feels belong to the workplace, they work hard to give the maximum contribution to the development of the company. In the event of considering promotions, everyone should feel that they have the opportunity to climb up ranks just like others. Not only men but also women should be given the chance of applying for the executive positions.

By providing bonuses, scholarships, tours, better furniture, management can give the intention to the employees that everyone is important regardless the gender. The only thing that matters is hard-working and sheer ambition.

Happy employee, happy workplace

Surrounding of the workplace should be a happy place for both men and women. All the events, facilities, changes should be beneficial for both parties. As an example, if the company is going to select the best employee of the year, there should be opportunities for woman employees too. All the awards and rewards should be given based on the performance and the hard-working.

To empower the women in the workplace, management can provide motivational offers such as gym memberships, salon coupons, cosmetics vouchers etc.

Peer recognition

Leaders are made not born. Leadership qualities arise within the workplace. To identify the people with such potential, gender difference can leave behind and people skills can be considered. Some women can handle situations better than men. These women can be important assets to the workplace to reach success.

When considering appointing employees for leadership roles, management should respect these qualities by providing fair opportunities to everyone. As a part of the qualifications, management can get peers’ opinions on a particular person before making the decision.

Sometimes, women tend to have better people skills than men. Management can use this plus point for the benefit of the workplace. It will help for propelling women into leadership roles.

International Women’s day is a good reminder for all of us to get the maximum participation of women in leadership roles. Women possess various leadership skills which men cannot be good at. Gender equality will aid propelling women into leadership roles.

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